finance Unsustainable for U.S. to sanction countries while expecting them to finance its debt: Think tank

Gal Luft, codirecteur de l’Institut d’exposé de la sûreté mondiale et résolution capital du Conseil de sûreté calorique des Bordereaux-Unis, explique que la organisation négociation du terroir est “quand une groupe d’petits qui courent pour des fusils qui tirent mondialement sinon se retourner dépense de ce qu’ils ‘former naïvement. ” .

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Unsustainable for U.S. to sanction countries while expecting them to finance its debt: Think tank
Unsustainable for U.S. to expiation countries while expecting them to appointé its debt: Think char

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Unsustainable for U.S. to expiation countries while expecting them to appointé its debt: Think char
Vous pouvez avertir surtout de façons de brouter de l’finances ici: voir plus ici
Vous pouvez avertir surtout de façons de brouter de l’finances ici: voir plus ici

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  1. As much as I hate to admit it, the US is a bully. We bully everyone- to our allies, our enemies, and everyone in between. We sanction our closest friends while our politicians threaten them. Perhaps the end of US hegemony is not just a good thing, but also the right thing.

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  3. They have done it to Afghanistan Syria Venezuela Iraq and now Russia. When the USA uses the dollar like a weapon against those countries they don't like who will trust the dollar. When those countries find a way it will be the end of USA and who will be responsible USA government

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  4. I love China! I look forward to when China is the undisputed leader in economics, technology, culture, military, and politics. Anyone who thinks incumbents are invincible and are here to stay forever, and that the US dollar is immortal…just look at the British Pound, the Dutch Gilder. The Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, and British all had the most popular reserve currency of the western hemisphere for about 100 years each. Just ask the Romans from 1800 years ago when they decided to inflate and dilute their currency by putting less gold into their coins. Also, keep in mind that reserve currency status is usually the last characteristic to decline when an empire or world power declines as a whole. The British pound stuck around for a few more decades after the US economy had already surpassed the British economy before the turn of the 20th century. The final nail in the coffin for the British Pound was the Suez Canal Crisis after Eisenhower disagreed with Anthony Eden's actions and the US sold off British debt securities. They linger on for a bit longer because it takes time for all the cheap liquidity/money sloshing around in the world economy that needs to be squeezed down before the new top dog currency moves up the food chain.

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  5. The world must find a true solidarity together and create a new digital monetary system, not based upon interest bearing debt. Interest need not be applied to any loan for the loan itself to be beneficial… There is a way…

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  6. People USA, people by all world i hope you remember. War in Ukraine is a war against EU countries and against USA people. Please, everyone help to Ukraine.Close the sky over Ukraine. Stand up to defense Ukrainian people. People USA and government USA thanks.

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  7. Impeach the president before it’s too late. His cognitive skills getting worse by day, he has delusions are keeping him in disconnect from reality, incapacitated to drive any decision make situation in this country so bad that chances for recession are more than likely.

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    Biden out riding his bicycle over the weekend while "People are dying" in Ukraine, you the Citizen of the USA in a disaster economy / fuel cost the highest in US History / Inflation Highest in US History / China and India supporting Russia, world financial transition taking place – and Biden is on Holiday every weekend – vote this fall 2022 and lets Sweep the House and Senate, for sure / sweep – the White House in 2024 – Sleepy Joe has to go….
    Joe has to go – "Sheep Joe" you think Trump as bad – it was all made up by the Dems, but Biden, he and his son are in the Russians Pocket, China's Pocket, Ukraine, and many other nations – how do you think Hunter got all his jobs, and why was Biden "The Big Guy" receiving checks from Hunters deals – you better watch out for Biden, he's only looking out for him self….not you…
    Biden is at fault "DO NOT LET" Russia and Ukraine take away from the actual facts – Biden day one went to war with the Fossil Fuel Industry and day one, all cost started going up…day one….Biden has no care about "YOU" The US Tax Payer, the USA Citizen, their goal is to as Biden noted "Work it out" we will "Work it out" Fossil Fuel – his direct statement, and how are they going to do it – by cost, their goal is to drive the cost per gallon up to over $10.00 and force you "US Citizen" to purchase an electric car – its their goal and they do not care about the additional cost this causes "Inflation for everything" due to transportation and operations cost impacting companies…..
    Biden – Hiding in the weeds – does he really think doing the same to China that he did to Russia will work – if you cross this line, I will shake my finger at you, "Biden" leader of the World Super Power, Lead – get off your butt, get away from the "WOKE" Green Beans – get to Europe, get to China and show Leadership, show leadership by sending more troops to Europe, more Task Force Groups to China Sea, protect the Nations that we said we would protect, like Ukraine….Be 100% ready to use our Military and not caught unprepared.
    Biden India – Slap them to the curb – same as China, limit their access to the USA Market – request all US Manufactures there pull out, if India is going to support Russia than pull the economic cord from the USA – use our Market, if they want access to the worlds largest market – then play by our rules….
    Biden – Pull your head out, all you need to do is message —- Say it, and then action – Oil / Natural Gas Cost drop and Inflation Drops – its all connected, sorry you did not pass an Economics Class and neither did AOC and the Squad…
    We the USA are going to continue the construction on Keystone Pipeline and add to it, double its capability…and make it happen / get to work…Support US Jobs, and Canadian Jobs our partner next door…
    We the USA will double oil and natural gas exploration and production and will expedite this process…
    We will start the process on expanding Nuclear Power and began construction on new plants…
    We the US will continue to explore and expand Solar and Wind Energy with a focus on energy storage to meet day and night demands with green options…
    We will continue to support credits for EV Car purchasing (Tesla) which is the World Leader – will continue to expand its capability – Biden, you should connect with Elon the World Leader in EV – along with Space Technology (Space X) which you need both today, Elon is in your back yard and you continue to disrespect him,,,wake up Biden…..
    We the US will start the process to expand solar on all new home and office construction – this is a plan, work on it Biden but it does not meet todays energy needs – that is Oil and Natural Gas along with Coal and Nuclear to keep the Economy rolling…todays need.
    Message / action and oil cost drops / price at the pump drops / price for goods start to drop…its all connected.

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  9. Bottom line is the world has nowhere else to go. We've been hearing about de-dollarization for years. Yet every time there's a crisis, even originating in the US i.e. 2008, the Dollar goes up.

    These countries have nowhere else to put their money..Crypto? LOL…The Euro is basically pegged to the USD and Germany's export driven economy. The Yuan. as long as the CCP is in power, it's books are closed and it's currency is not freely transferable nor convertible, they will never become a reserve.

    Besides, what is US debt? Bond and treasury bills that are redeemable for what? US Dollars, that we print…It's all a joke! The US GDP is only 9% reliant on International Trade and most of that is within NAFTA.

    Even OIl and gas, the US has more than enough for itself.

    In fact, the only reason shale and other Oil and Gas supplies dried up in the US is through regulation and cheap prices. But those babies can be put back online in a heartbeat!

    If the world stopped buying US debt tomorrow, the US would be just fine! It's the rest of the world that would be in trouble….

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