10 Mind Blowing NEW Technologies That Will CHANGE the WORLD t.o.p technology

10 nouvelles technologies époustouflantes qui changeront le monde ABONNEZ-VOUS à ALUX : 15 choses que vous-même ne saviez pas sur l’entreprise technologique : MIND Mastery : obtenez un vendu audio immotivé acquittement à Audible : Merci à nos amis d’Audible ! Avis de non-responsabilité : l’écriteau à Audible entraînera une contrepartie trésorière pour Alux Inc hormis dispos supplémentaires vers vous-même, le chaland. Dans cette vidéocassette d’Alux.com, nous-même répondrons aux questions suivantes : Quel filiation vers l’cordialité ? Que posé l’filiation de la technologie ? Quelle est la dernière technologie ? Quelle sera la dernière technologie infographie ? Quelles sont les dernières nouvelles technologies en infographie ? Quelles sont les dernières technologies introduites pendant lequel les automobiles ? Quelle est la dernière changement technologique ? Quelles sont certaines des technologies les encore prometteuses à présent ? Quelles sont 10 technologies époustouflantes qui vont déranger le monde ? Quelles inventions changeraient le monde ? Quelles sont les 10 technologies à procéder qui pourraient déranger le monde ? Quelle technologie va déranger le monde en 5 ans ? Comment la technologie change-t-elle le monde aujourd’hui ? Quelles sont les nouvelles technologies en 2020 ? Quelles inventions y aura-t-il pendant lequel le muter ? Quelle technologie est la meilleure à l’filiation ? Quelle est la dernière technologie au monde ? ____________ 00:00 – Intro 00:39 – Intelligence artificielle 01:43 – Interfaces cerveau-ordinateur 02:38 – Impression 3D 03:46 – Robots vivants 04:35 – Vision augmentée 05:58 – Vision virtuelle tactile 06:52 – Soi -conduite de véhicules 07:55 – Hyperloop 08:47 – Durabilité hydrogène 10:04 – Briques de accaparement d’régularité 11:00 – Question * #alux #future #technologies – Get Rich Playlist : Take Action Playlist : Tous les dimanches Vidéos de intention : Club de scolarité : – Réseaux sociaux : — Alux.com est la encore longue collège d’amateurs de désarticulé et d’art de manne au monde. Nous sommeils la bâclent en rangée n°1 vers répertorier les choses les encore chères au monde et régulièrement référencées pendant lequel des hebdomadaires semblables que Forbes, USAToday, Wikipedia et ressources d’divergentes, en autant que adresse GO-TO vers le interne de désarticulé ! Notre endroit internet : est le encore seigneur entrelacement agréable vers les passionnés de LUXE ! Joignez aujourd’hui! ABONNEZ-VOUS vers ne encore oncques décamper une changé vidéocassette : — Pour deviner quel nombre votre estime mignonne est éblouissant, rencard sur : — Pour les demandes d’informations sur les firmes, nous-même sommeils disponibles à : .

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10 Mind Blowing NEW Technologies That Will CHANGE the WORLD
10 Mind Blowing NEW Technologies That Will CHANGE the WORLD

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10 Mind Blowing NEW Technologies That Will CHANGE the WORLD
t.o.p technology
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  1. Artificial intelligence

    These robots aren’t like those in star wars .Lots of them you can’t even see like alexa and siri because they’re a computer program. What makes them robots it’s the fact that they can take data analyze it and learn from it and keep on getting more intelligent or the ones on google and facebook that figure that out what ads they should make pop up on your screen. And for when you actually leave your living room, robots are already helping us build stuff in factories, analyze financial reports, act as virtual nurses for patients. In the future we could be talking about robots we have in our houses that will be able to cook for u, do all kinds of boring jobs and outside of our houses doing dangerous ones like fighting fires or picking up radioactive waste. That´s because ai is already combining with pretty much every recent technology, and it's only going to keep on doing that.

    Brain computer interfaces

    Image being able to control a computer mouse and keyboard or a drone with not a set of control, but just by thinking about it or earing music not from speakers, but that's being streamed straight into your brain. Maybe that thought blows your mind or perhaps it even creeps you out. Either way it’s already being developed and it’s coming soon and leading the way is elon musk’s company neuralink which is looking at ways to implant a chip into your brain that will be able to communicate with computers and just in case I made the thing up about streaming music directly to your brain, that actually came from a tweet on elon musk’s tweeter feed. The idea behind it is to help humans compete with super intelligent robots and it also aims to cure disorders like depression and addiction by rewiring brain patterns.

    3D printing

    This is old news, but is about to go to a whole new level. Of course, we're not just talking about those craft videos that come up on your facebook feed with decorations people have made with 3D printing. 3D printing fashion accessories even car parts is kinda old school now. More cutting edge are 3D printed organs that use patients cells, which will mean they don't have to wait for an organ donor. In China they’ve 3D printed an entire apartment block. And the future of 3D printed buildings could bring down the price of housing and solve the problem of homelessness. Also 3D printed rockets could be on the way too. Nasa’s already made a 3D printed rocket injector and the California-based company relativity space aims to make the first fully 3D printed space rockets for a fraction of what they cost now and by throwing a bit of ai into the mix, the technology will be able to detect faults in the design and improve on them. But they’re not there yet, first they need to figure out to 3D print something that's 100 feet tall and out of a material that can withstand the temperatures of takeoff.

    Living robots

    Next a completely different kinds of robot not one. These so-called living robots are made of a real living tissue and could revolutionize medicine. Scientists have taken stem cells from frogs and they’ve used computer programs to assemble them into blobs about a millimeter in diameter they’re not robots as we know them and even though they come from living tissue they’re not classed as animals either. They’re tiny programmable organisms that can move independently and can even work together as a team. They might be able to self-heal their wounds, remove plaque from human arteries or take medicine into patients bodies. Fascinating stuff.

    Self- driving vehicles

    Self-driving vehicles are already in the market but what’s being so far is only the tip of the iceberg. For tesla ad other companies the goal is level 5 automation that means there’s no steering wheel or pedals, the passenger just inputs where they want to go and the car does all the work, that means we could be looking at a future where most people don’t own a car instead there are just fleets of self-driving vehicles on the road which you just jump into and enjoy the ride. It promises to reduce congestion pollution and it could make parking lots obsolete and free up that space for other uses. And speaking of self-driving vehicles why stop at cars? In dubai the world’s first autonomous drone taxis are in development. The company that’s developing them volcopter aims to lauch them by 2023 and they estimate that by 2030 a quarter of journeys in dubai will be done by drone taxi

    Augmented reality

    Overlaying digital images onto real life background could have all kinds of applications in the future like ar manuals. Think of the last time you had to fix a car engine but weren’t sure what you had to do. Forget looking for a tutorial on YouTube, soon enough you might be able to put on a pair of ar glasses or contact lenses, and then look at the engine with the help of a bit of ai, the software will analyze the problem and then show you exactly what you have to do and then give you feedback on whether you're doing it right. How about a city guide that doesn’t just show you the best restaurants and nightlife on a map but will point it out to you in real time with menus and reviews appearing next to them and instead of seeing advertising billboards in the city your ar glasses will show you virtual adverts tailored for you which means it’s got big potential for advertising as well. What about doing some online shopping for clothes and see yourself wearing them even though you've never been anywhere near them. Getting a preview of how furniture will look in your room even though it's still on the warehouse or conference calling someone on the other side of the world and having them appear on your couch. And these are just a few things ar could be bringing to us soon.

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